Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Night time fight!!

Well snowball fight that is! We have this neighbor who likes to torment us. She kept throwing snowballs at our house, how rude huh! So what other choice do we have but to fight back. Eventually the whole neighborhood was out in the cul-de-sac. It was so much fun. Karma had the girls over for a sleepover (Ellie and Katie) and the had already put their pajamas on but the insisted on going out right now. So instead of taking 45 minutes to get winter clothes on, out they went in the jammies. Ellie was out in her nightgown, crazy little girl, there was a coat by the door for her to put on but nope she didn't want to. We played for quite awhile and then we went back in for some hot chocolate and Jo Jo's from Trader Joe's (which are delicious, you must try them if you have the chance. They are like oreo's but with peppermint filling, yum!) Now here the are watching a movie before bed which hopefully doesn't turn out to be 11 0'clock again! Julie thanks that was mucho mucho fun! Jessica and Kenny we missed you!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a couple more pics.


The first snow of December!!!! Ya, the girls were so excited to wake up and see snow outside. The morning was full of snow angels, snow ball fights, snotty noses and cold wet hands. But the put in some hard snow play for a delicious cup of hot chocolate with marshmallow cream.

First food!!

Well little Xela had her four month appt. the other day and she is doing just fine. I did ask our doctor about her eating habit. She nurses all the time and I wanted to know if she was getting enough to eat. She said that she is growing fine, but if she nurses and still feels hungry you can try rice cereal. Well I usually wait another month but we did it. She loves it. She has had it once a day for the past three days and she is doing just fine one it. I swear I just couldn't get it in fast enough. And the she passed out. So cute when she sucks her thumb.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A great weekend (this is old, i found it in my drafts) oops forgot! Oct. 26

This weekend turned out so good. Our family came up this weekend for Xela's blessing. When Micah picked this weekend to do it, we didn't realize it was going to be the perfect weekend to have everyone come here. Almost everyone was able to come. We had Micah's parents, my parents (who stayed at my house) the Evan, Sara and Sobeida who stayed at Connor and Chelsea's house, who live not to far from us (Evan and Connor are Micah's brothers) then my brother Nick and his wife and kids stayed at my aunt and uncles house in bellevue. So we all got together on Saturday night for our Halloween Carnival and Trunk or Treat at the church. The kids got dressed up and there was good food and lots of candy of course. I dont have pictures because they were all taken on Micah's mom's camera. And then when that was over we all came back to my house and Micah ordered a pay per view fight, a gift for Evan's birthday.

Then Sunday morning came and it was pretty crazy, we actually got to church early which is just unheard of for just Micah and I with the girls to be there at 9 when church starts. And everyone else got there just in the nick of time. When it came time for Micah to give Xela her blessing he did such a wonderful job. Everything that he said was just beautiful we were all touched by his words and he couldn't even keep it together. The spirit was so strong at that moment. I'm so thankful for Micah that he is able to do that for our little girls. I'm grateful for all those who were able to come on Sunday, it meant a lot to Micah and I. And an extra treat for all that was there on Sunday, it happened to be the Primary Program. Karma did such a great job, I thought for sure that she wasn't going to was to go up there but she bravely went up and sang all the songs. When it came time for her age group to go up and recite the first article of faith she did great. They said it perfectly, "We believe in God the Eternal Father and in his son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost." Her and another girl were right up on the microphone so it was hard to hear the others over them. Then they each had one line to say which we have been practicing for awhile and with out being scared or running off the stage she said it confidently, " I can show kindness to all of God's children." It was so cute and I was so proud to see her up there.

Then we all came back to my house when church was over and had lunch and hung out. Even micah aunt and uncle flew in from Utah to see how Micah's dad was doing.

Monday, October 6, 2008

2 Girls gone

My wonderful mom calls me up the other day and says "Tia, I have a favor to ask you." I'm thinking oh great what is it going to be, does she want me to go to my grandparents house for something, or does she want me to drive down to see her. No. "Okay what is it?" mom- "Can I have the girls this weekend and then I will bring them home on Tuesday?" Tia- (a VERY short pause) "YES of course you can!" Ahh instant relief and then my mind starts in on all the wonderful crafts I could do while they are gone. I have lots of project to so before the upcoming Holiday Bazzar in Elma. Well I didn't get as much done as I wanted because Xela was not cooperating of course. I sware they know when you want to get a bunch of stuff done, because as soon as you have time to do things they start acting up. I finish a couple thing for my mom, and thats about it. And the girls are coming home tonight, ohh well I am excited to see them. (these stars are much smaller and they were make to match another one I made for my mom its a large one like the star I made for myself.

Craft Club

My awsome friend Julie started a Craft Club!!! I was so excited for it to start. Our first project was this beautiful star. It was quite the project for our first club meeting but I love to craft so I was very exited to make one. I picked out the colors I wanted and then I had to choose pictures, which let me just say was not easy for two reasons. Reason 1- there are so many cute pictures of the girls it was had to choose. Reason 2- I wanted to have a few pictures of Micah and I together and also some with the girls. The problem is that ever since we had girl numero uno I dont get in the pictures for a reason, I just dont like the way I look, extra poundage and all I just dont like it. And needless to say Micah supported me by gaining a few pounds with me. We are not ginormous or anything but its just not the same be for the girls. We will get there.
Anyhoo so I did scrounge up a few pictures of us. So hear it is!

I am absolutely in love with it. I think it turned out great. It now is on our wall in the entryway. Thank you Julie for hosting such a great project, I'm excited for what more is to come.

Monday, August 11, 2008

make-up bust!

So my good friend Julie was so kind to take my kids over to her house to play. She has a little girl Karma's age and a boy who is 5. Well, little V was in Elle's room with Karma and Elle and the two girls come running out to Julie yelling "its an emergency, its an emergency" or something like that. So Julie runs in there and discovers lipstick all over her face. Its kid play make up so luckly it came off easy. She was mushing it around like it was lotion. Julie brought her back so I could take pictures of her before the mess was washed off. The funny thing was that when Julie went to go see what the emergency was, Veraty looked up at Julie and chucked the lipstick to the floor to hide the evidence. Little did she know she had guilt written all over her face.

The New Baby on the block!

Well here she is, born Sunday August 3rd at 2:56pm. She weighed 7.9lbs. and was 20in. long. We named her, Xela (Shayla) Kahana Valentine. She is absolutely adorable. Well not so much the first week but going into the second week she is much cuter. She has lots of hair as you can see and seems to be quite the white baby, certainly nothing like Veraty.
Karma is totally in love with her and wants to be the mommy all the time.

Veraty is doing suprisingly well. I thought for sure that she wasn't going to let me take Xela home.

Ohh yes and i better address the spelling issue. Xela is a Myan word and in that language it is spelled Xela. The X makes a "sh" sound. It means beautiful thoughts. And believe me we have heard all about the mistake of it being spelled this way, so spare me.
This is her a few days old.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Fourth of July!

Today is the fourth of July!!! How greatful we should all be to live in such a great country. At times we all take it for granted but I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for the wonderful freedoms that we have.

Today we were at Micah's aunt and uncle's house on Black Lake in Olympia. We all had lots of fun full of great company, good food and awesome fireworks. They have this apple tree that had very tiny unripe apples that all the little kids pulled off and took bits out of. Veraty and Karma had lots of fun with their cousins, well I guess they would be second cousins. This is Veraty and Kelsie picking and tasting the apples. There are lots of pictures but it was so hard to pick and choose, sorry!

Ya, you pick a great apple!!!

They had a tire swing which was a big hit for Karma and Brody. Those two had a great time together. I think Karma fancied him very much.

Veraty picking her nose again. I have lots of these kind of pictures. She just likes to pick her nose.

She is just to dang cute.

Yes, you are too!

Her uncle Connor is always looking for some sort of creature. In the bucket they had a couple crawdads and bullheads. All the kids thought it was so cool. He also found a frog.

What a great picture.

Veraty and Sobeida, they both have to have things in their mouths.

Trying to get a good picture with me and the girls was pretty much impossible.

Bruce aways has a great display of fireworks. This year was really good.

Hard to see everyone, but this is Micah's family, well his cousins, brothers and wives anyways.

And the little ones.

Karma is ready for the firework show.

Veraty did not like the fireworks. She covered her eyes, she just didn't like the loud noise or the lights from it. She finally fell asleep.

Thanks Bruce and Linda for a great Fourth of July party.

Karma's Sleepover

Karma wanted to have a sleepover soooo badly. So she invited her friends Ellie and Katie over. They had so much fun. First they made their dinner, which was pizza. As they put the cheese on most of the cheese went into their mouths.

After lots of playing they wanted to make some brownies so they did. They all took turns putting the ingredients in and and stirring. I defiantly had to remove a few egg shells.

And here they are enjoying the delicious brownies. Yes they were good.

And now it was time to wind down so they all agreed on watching Enchanted. After the movie was done they still weren't asleep. Veraty was already in her crib asleep but these girls wanted to party all night. We told them to lay down and go to sleep. Ha, if it was that easy. Micah and I went downstairs waiting for them to fall asleep. 10:30 rolls around, not kidding, after much threating of separating them into different areas of the house they were still up there giggling away. All I wanted to do was go to sleep, I was really tired, but I had to wait it out. Micah finally convinced them to go to sleep. At 11 o'clock they were asleep. Thank goodness!!

I got up in the middle of the night for one of my many bathroom breaks and here they all are sprawled out and Tiki too. In the morning they all awoke with giggles and quite talks. They had breakfast the some fruit for a snack on the deck. What a great sleep over it was. And they all took a nap that day, so did I.