Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Night time fight!!

Well snowball fight that is! We have this neighbor who likes to torment us. She kept throwing snowballs at our house, how rude huh! So what other choice do we have but to fight back. Eventually the whole neighborhood was out in the cul-de-sac. It was so much fun. Karma had the girls over for a sleepover (Ellie and Katie) and the had already put their pajamas on but the insisted on going out right now. So instead of taking 45 minutes to get winter clothes on, out they went in the jammies. Ellie was out in her nightgown, crazy little girl, there was a coat by the door for her to put on but nope she didn't want to. We played for quite awhile and then we went back in for some hot chocolate and Jo Jo's from Trader Joe's (which are delicious, you must try them if you have the chance. They are like oreo's but with peppermint filling, yum!) Now here the are watching a movie before bed which hopefully doesn't turn out to be 11 0'clock again! Julie thanks that was mucho mucho fun! Jessica and Kenny we missed you!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a couple more pics.


The first snow of December!!!! Ya, the girls were so excited to wake up and see snow outside. The morning was full of snow angels, snow ball fights, snotty noses and cold wet hands. But the put in some hard snow play for a delicious cup of hot chocolate with marshmallow cream.

First food!!

Well little Xela had her four month appt. the other day and she is doing just fine. I did ask our doctor about her eating habit. She nurses all the time and I wanted to know if she was getting enough to eat. She said that she is growing fine, but if she nurses and still feels hungry you can try rice cereal. Well I usually wait another month but we did it. She loves it. She has had it once a day for the past three days and she is doing just fine one it. I swear I just couldn't get it in fast enough. And the she passed out. So cute when she sucks her thumb.