Monday, August 11, 2008

make-up bust!

So my good friend Julie was so kind to take my kids over to her house to play. She has a little girl Karma's age and a boy who is 5. Well, little V was in Elle's room with Karma and Elle and the two girls come running out to Julie yelling "its an emergency, its an emergency" or something like that. So Julie runs in there and discovers lipstick all over her face. Its kid play make up so luckly it came off easy. She was mushing it around like it was lotion. Julie brought her back so I could take pictures of her before the mess was washed off. The funny thing was that when Julie went to go see what the emergency was, Veraty looked up at Julie and chucked the lipstick to the floor to hide the evidence. Little did she know she had guilt written all over her face.

The New Baby on the block!

Well here she is, born Sunday August 3rd at 2:56pm. She weighed 7.9lbs. and was 20in. long. We named her, Xela (Shayla) Kahana Valentine. She is absolutely adorable. Well not so much the first week but going into the second week she is much cuter. She has lots of hair as you can see and seems to be quite the white baby, certainly nothing like Veraty.
Karma is totally in love with her and wants to be the mommy all the time.

Veraty is doing suprisingly well. I thought for sure that she wasn't going to let me take Xela home.

Ohh yes and i better address the spelling issue. Xela is a Myan word and in that language it is spelled Xela. The X makes a "sh" sound. It means beautiful thoughts. And believe me we have heard all about the mistake of it being spelled this way, so spare me.
This is her a few days old.
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