Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I've got a headache already and it's only 10:30am

Well this morning was quite crazy. The girls and I needed to run to Target before a birthday party they were going to at 10:30. Today they got up at 8:35 and I needed to change and feed them so we could be out the door at 9:30. My wonderful hubby got them changed and I fed them. Veraty wasn't eating very well and for those if you who know her, she is a eater! I didn't think much of it so off we went to Target. Veraty was looking quite tired for just waking up a little bit ago. We went through the whole store got just what we needed (which was an accomplishment in itself) and as we are getting close to the check out Veraty pukes all over herself. Not one, not two, but three times and it was alot. Ahhhhhhh! All I could do was watch her and I tried to catch a little in a burp rag I was using for her runny nose. Most ended up in a huge puddle of yogurt and oatmeal on the floor, but she looked like she felt much better. A nice lady that watch the whole thing brought me some of her wet wipes and then 4 Target team members rushed over to help clean up. The whole thing was quite entertaining but now we are home and she is washed up and asleep. As for Karma she didn't get to go to the birthday party and she cried all the way home about it.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Project

Well today I started a new project. I woke up this morning and I thought to myself I really wanted to start it today but its really had to do the beginning part with the kiddies around. I was thinking who could I ask to have my kids over for a bit, well Heavenly Father must have been listening because my good friend and neighbor (lucky us, she lives right next door) called after Karma got back from school to ask if the girls (yes, both) wanted to come over and play. What a blessing. It was perfect timing and I was able to get a lot done. Of course I cleaned very quickly the best I could around the house then I headed downstairs and there I stayed till she brought them back. So thank you Julie!!!

So, this one will read "FAMILY" and I really like how it looks so far. They started of all white and I was going to take before pictures but I was to anxious to start and I forgot. So I painted them and got the pretty paper on and a few rub ons, I can't wait till its finished.

My sweet Karma

I just took the girls to bed and every night we say a prayer together and tonight was Karma's turn. She usually says the same few things and then throws in a few words of what she did today that she is thankful for. For a few months now she has been saying, " I'm thankful for our prophet Gordon B. Hinkley." But he passed away a couple weeks ago and Micah and I explained that to her many times and told her that since he passed away we now have a new prophet to guide our church. So, tonight she said, "I'm thankful for our prophet Gordon B. Hinkley (with a slight pause) we pray that he will come alive again and come back to church." That just made me smile:)

Monday, February 4, 2008

I've finally done it!

Ohh my gosh look at me, I've finally made a blog for my family. My parents and friends always complain that the dont have any pictures of the girls, well now they will at least be able to look at recent pictures of them!!!