Monday, March 24, 2008

Mmmm, Yogurt!!!!

This girl love her yogurt! She always wants to feed herself, which is great because I don't have to sit there and feed it to her I can just do my own thing, but then you have to clean up the mess. I don't know how they do it, they get it everywhere!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!!!

This is the best picture out of 6, Our little Family!

Little Karma

It was so rainy outside the easter bunny had to hide the eggs in the house. Karma is very focused as you can see!

Veraty has really no idea what is going on, but she is game.

Veraty now has the idea!

She only found 5 eggs, 3 were hard boiled which she threw to the side and the other two she knew were "The Good Ones" just by shaking them. Here she is with a hand full.

And a mouth full!

Hey, Karma too!!

Now here I really tried to get a good picture of the two of them together. This is only half the photos and I think I only got one decent one. Ohh well.

This would be the good one I'm talking about.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The course of 8 days

Here are some pictures of Veraty when she got really sick after throwing up at Target, it lasted about 8 days. For a couple of days she just layed there totally expressionless. She was happy to have some water, a book and of course her silky.

At about the 5th day she was up playing with Karma, but you could tell she just wasn't 100%.

And then of course she had to get something else just to top it off for good measure. She got Hives!!! She looked absolutely horrible. She was still pale looking, had a cough, and much skinnier now than a week ago and big blotches of red all over her body. If you've every had hives or know someone who did it is quite strange. The red blotches moves around on your body, for a little while its on your back then it moves to you arms. So she started off with her chest covered then it went to her arms and legs and her back. By the end of the second day it hit all her body parts and then it was done. So she is finally well, weighs a bit less but is doing great and having fun running around with her sister.