Monday, March 9, 2009

4 mins. to being a better person

I watched this clip on my friend's blog and I had to post it also. This is our beloved prophet who just recently passed, Gordon B. Hinckley. What a wonderful message, it warms my soul.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Master Cleanse

What was I thinking! I know, it was the detox of all the gunk that is building up inside of me from all those Wendy's stops and delicious pizza and candy and all the "no" "no" foods. I'm on day 6 and I really don't want any of those foods right now but I could go for some fruit.
This is how it went down. I heard about the Master cleanse and i thought that i would look into it. So I talked with a few people who had done it and they said they loved it, they felt so great afterward and they lost 18 lbs. I thought, "well I'm in!" So I went to the store got my lemons, Grade B maple syrup and cayenne pepper, the next day i began my 10 day cleanse (that's right, 10 days of this lemonade mix and h20). Day one wasn't bad at all, I just kept myself busy and everything was fine. They say that the first three day are the hardest and if you can get past the first three days you are good to go. The second day was alright, it was hard to make the girls breakfast, lunch and dinner because you are so used to taking a bit here and there, and I couldn't. Also my friend Julie, who lives right next door, popped by and she smelled so good i could have taken her arm off. She said, "oh ya I just got done cooking fried rice, hahahaha." Ya real funny. I booted her out. That night i did a salt water flush and it didn't work. (it is supposed to make you go to the bathroom) Day three was the supposed to be the hardest, but it was actually really easy. I did the swf in the morning on an empty stomach and walla, it worked!! I will spare you the details. In the evening you are supposed to drink smooth move tea, so I did and i got major cramps for about 15 minutes and wammo. 4th day was fine same as the others. Then the 5th day was very hard. Everything i made for the girls I wanted to eat, all the goldfish crackers, popcorn everything, I just wanted it. I even called Micah and told him i was having a weak moment and i wanted to quite. That night I came really close to stopping. Micah was eating a yummy salad and i just wanted to crunch some food. But i told myself that it is the end of the day i tomorrow will be a better day.
So here I am on day 6, great job I say. Today will be busy, I have to drive down to my in laws and I'm doing an Uppercase Living party tonight so the day will go by fast. I just have to keep my focus on why I'm doing this. To rid my body of toxins and clean myself out, losing weight is a bonus. 4 more days left!