Friday, April 16, 2010


We have been wanting to get another dog for quite some time now and we found the perfect one. First off Micah has been researching dogs, trying to find a breed that would best fit our family. For those of you who know us we have a little Shitzu who is more of a cat than a dog and we really wanted a dog that could play and run and just have fun with, no offense Tiki but you are kinda a bump on a log, but we love and appriciate your lazyness at times, but we wanted a dog, dog. We really love Frenchies but they have to many health problems and we really like Rodeshian ridgebacks but they are to big for our small house and we want the dog to be in the house with us. Then Micah was telling me about Staffordshire Bull Terriers and I though this could be a good fit. Right size, good with kids, has more energy than Tiki, they are very cute, and very minimal health issues if any. So we looked into finding one, come to find out there are not many in the US. There are only a couple breeders in WA and we were lined up to get a puppy from Spokane but unfortunatly the mom only had one very large puppy and she had a c-section and lost the baby puppy. It was so sad for all involved. We were also keeping in touch with a breeder in OR who had a 2 year old staffy, they were trying to find a perfect home for her. This family has two girls that little Ruby always played with so it was important to them that she went to a home that had girls. Well ding, ding, ding you have a winner because we have three!!! We chatted back and forth and decided to make the 8 hour trek to OR and see if Ruby would be a good fit for us. Turns out she was perfect! Ruby is a little ball of muscle and to some she might be a bit intimidating looking but she really is so friendly and just loves people. We took Karma and Veraty to see her and they were a bit scared just because she jumped and licked and wanted to run and play with them and they are not used to that. But now they know how to handle her and they really do love her.
Just a little quiet time for everyone.

Ruby is so gentle with Xela and the other two, but especially Xela (Shayla). This breed comes from England, and she actually came from England as a puppy to breed to bring in a new line to their line but she couldn't so that is why they were looking for a new home for her, any way they are know as the nanny dog.

All three dogs eating in harmony, well except for Tiki she will wait till the unmannerly dogs eat then she can eat in quiet without all the scarfing sounds. Bowie, my sister-in-laws dog, is in the upper left of the picture he is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and black with his head in the bowl so its hard to see him.
So we welcome little Ruby Rainbow as Veraty likes to call her, to our family and we hope she loves it here.

Here is a little video of Ruby playing with her new buddy Baxter from next door.