Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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New Urban Karma blog

I started my new Urban Karma site. I guess I stopped using my old one and didn't renew it or something like that so here is the new one. Of course I'm still working on it.

Dog, Dogs and more Dogs!!

Micah parents house has so many dogs. They are not all theirs but...well let me just show you...

are we at a dog park...no we are not, but it looks like one. Micah's parents, Robin and Steve, the have 3 dogs, one is new to the family and needs to be socialized, hence then dog play date. Then Evan and Sara live next door and they have 2 dogs, and we where there with our dog Tiki, though she doesn't play she was still there and then Connor and Chelsea have one dog. And Steve had friends come by with their new Rottie so that she could be socialized too, so how many is that....what, 8 dogs...that's alot of dogs! So every human around decided to join in the socialization too!

Xela and Veraty playing in the playhouse.

Hey Evan, nice pants!

Ahh Christmas has passed.

This Christmas was wonderful. My family had such a great time I wish it could be like this all year round. I love to go from family to family just hanging out talking story and playing games. My mom is so great, she has started having her family's Christmas the weekend before Christmas so that we can all get together and not have to stress about leaving and going to the next families house. It's great because we can now enjoy each family and the time we spend with them
For Christmas eve and day we stayed at Micah's parents house and that was wonderful because we didn't have to rush out to someone elses house. We stayed there the whole weekend and got to spend time with Micah's brother Lane who just got home on the 21st from his mission. Let me tell you he was surprised to see how is family grew while he was got for 2 years. He left when Karma was little and Veraty was a Baby. Then he comes back and Karma is a big Kid and Veraty is running and talking and he never met Xela, who is now 17 months. And Sara, his other brothers wife is prego with her second kid. Crazy what can happen in two years.