Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Decor

Okay so does anyone ever go to Value Village to look for something specific, knowing you are gonna get a great deal, well because its Value Village and that is what its all about. Ya well guess again! I was on the hunt for some glassware. I wanted some glass containers and a glass cake plate. Yes I found some but not for a good deal, did i end up buying them YES, but angrily! I knew they would be more expensive if I didnt get them here but I still didnt like paying as much as I did for them.

I just love to decorate for Halloween!!!


Jenny Ramsey said...

ummm...skulls and eye balls in pretty glass dishes?

Kelly said...

Very festive Tia! Looks great. I agree about the Value Village thing. Whenever I go into a store like taht I always feel like things should be cheap! And then bummed when they aren't.