Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mount Shasta...Conquered!!!

Our climb to Cure Duchenne has come and gone. What an awesome expereince Micah and I had climbing this extreme mountain. Driving up to it was very intimidating, it was like looking at Mt. Rainier but this one I was actually climbing. Ya know Mt. Shasta is only 250 Ft. SHORTER that Mt. Rainier. So crazy!

This is the awesome team that climbed and unfortunately not all of us made it, but most of us did.

The next few pictures are of us making our camp at 10,000. We had to shovel out a wind breaker for were our tent would go and the put up our tent and get our gear organized and ready for the early morning accent and 3AM.
The picture with the guy in the red puffy is our guide, Neil, he was really cool and he dug out a cooking area and made a delicious dinner.
A beautiful picture at sun set with the other part of are team.

Yes, here we all are at the top!!! We made it, what an accomplishment for myself and those who made it!! And one of my climbing partners was my brother, how cool is that!! And of course my wonderful husband who talks me into doing these crazy things. I loved it and the experience is unforgettable!!!

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Jenny Ramsey said...

tia you are awesome....crazy, but awesome!